CONTACT US AT or 805.687.9785 to find out how to sign up.

Thank you for your interest in the Independent Study Physical Education (I.S.P.E.) program. We support and appreciate after-school activities, and we encourage students to participate in them. For the most part, however, these outside sports do not take the place of the regular physical education class which offers an introduction to diverse sporting activities in the context of a cooperative classroom environment. Students are encouraged to participate in the on-campus physical education program, especially at the 7-10 grade levels.

While our primary recommendation is that all students participate in the district physical education program, we do offer an independent study physical education program for(1) exceptionally gifted, state or regionally ranked athletes,(2) students wishing to take an advanced level in a course we are not currently offering,(3) students who have restricted schedules such as AVID,(4) students with medical conditions, or (5) students who have fulfilled their high school graduation P.E. requirement

An independent study course requires personal accountability and maturity. Students in I.S.P.E. will be responsible for fulfilling the requirements of the I.S.P.E. contract, which include completion of all paperwork, filing of all workout logs, and submission of all reports. Details of the requirements are contained in this packet. Individuals are selected based upon their ability to handle the individual responsibility. Please understand that due to the independent nature of the program, a large part of the grade (pass/fail) that your son/daughter receives will be based upon his/her accomplishment of the agreed objectives, and his/her communicating this information to the I.S.P.E. Coordinator in a timely fashion.
To sign up for the program you must do the following:

1) Fill out the appropriate paperwork from your child’s school
2) Submit them to the Seals
3) Download the Seals liability waiver and sign-up sheet
4) Each applicant must pay a one-time $100 insurance fee per year


Beginner Course
Mondays & Wednesdays
Intermediate – Advanced Course
Mondays – Friday
Private Competition Coaching
Mondays – Friday
You can Contact Toma at (805) 689-3845 to schedule an appointment.

Please submit your schedule along with the application and waiver.
Your schedule should include the following:
-What school your child attends.
-What is there dismissal time
-What days do they plan on attending.
We will pick students up from their schools, take them surfing, and return them home shortly there-after. Because of size constraints, sign-ups are on a first come, first serve basis. If the program is full, we will have a waiting list that we will put you on and contact you as soon as a spots opens up. There are three levels to choose from, so please choose accordingly
(see below).*Click here to download Liability Waiver
*Click here to download Sign up sheetACADEMIC TUTORING
At the Seals we believe that each surfer must find some balance between their surfing time and their responsibilities at school. We would like to assist our students in this area. This program is operated by Mike Fair who worked through the Santa Barbara Unified School District for 3 years. Mike’s ability to relate to his students and patient attitude is guaranteed to raise those grades……………………………………………………………………………………. $50 … 1 HourWHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN OUR OFFERED COURSES1) BEGINNER COURSE- This group meets every Tuesday and Friday
- How to ride a surfboard
- Surf awareness
- Surf safety

2) INTERMEDIATE COURSE- This group meet every day
- How to turn a surfboard
- How to take off on a forming wave
- Surfing maneuvers

3) ADVANCED COURSE- This group meets every day
- Technique improvement with video and photography
- Contest strategies
- Fitness training

4) SEALS FAMILY-This group of surfers is considered the best in the program. They have completed all three levels and were chosen based on their attitudes, surfing, and academics. This group is exemplary of the program and what can be achieved through hard work and focus. This group will have access to special over night surf retreats. We will take 3 trips per year.

CONTACT US AT or 805.687.9785 to find out how to sign up.

Independent studies (ISPE)

-  minimum 2 days per week

-  $50 per session

-  $100 registration fee

-  includes equipment

-  includes pick up from school and drop off at home

After school Program

-$60 per session

- Monday through Friday

- Beginner Course : Leadbetter, Campus point, and Mondos.

- Intermediate/ Advanced Course : Various beach breaks and point breaks

-  Pick-up from school included

-  equipment included

-  post surf cliff bars

Private competitive coaching

-  $75 / hr

-  groups no larger than 4

-  Shortboarding and longboarding coaching available

Academic tutoring

-Price change to $75 per hour

Beginner course

-  This group meets Monday through Friday

Local Community

-  Please add the following images of our special Beach day with the ASA

-  Is it possible to add the videos of the news cast from the ASA  Beach day and the Veterans beach day from this year? They are both on the Seals Facebook page

Also please add and  Another incredible shooter from Santa Barbara Has been featured in “Surfers Journal”, “Surfer”, “Transworld”


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